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GPU options for productivity

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Are you a Professional? need help to make a decision purchasing GPU?

We got you covered



Categorized depending on your use case scenario:

  • Aspiring Professional and new content creators (Video editing, Photoshop, Unity, Designing, ANSYS, CREO, CATIA, AUTOCAD and AUTODESK suite etc)

Nvidia AMD

RTX 2060 SUPER RX 5700

Quadro P2200 and upwards/newer

and upwards/newer

  • Professional Video editing

NVIDIA Supports NVENC encoding, naturally better choice for

Adobe premier and Davinci Resolve studio RTX 2070 SUPER, RTX 2080 SUPER,

QUADRO RTX 4000 are sufficient for many projects however for working on 4k with multiple timeline RTX 2080ti, RTX 3080,RTX 3080 ti RTX 3090 are better and professional GPU's like QUADRO RTX 5000, QUADRO RTX 6000,QUADRO RTX 8000. If you plan to work on projects beyond 4k go for at least a 2080ti or 3090 from consumer GPU or QUADRO RTX 6000,QUADRO RTX 8000 all of them support NV-link(SLI) (dual GPU configuration)

AMD most editing suites support open CL as well if render time is not the priority but having higher vram then AMD offers more options for lesser price check out RX 5700xt, RX 6800xt, RX 6900xt, RADEON VEGA,RADEON VII and RADEON PRO W6800

  • Professional CAD software

Many CAD software's work well with GTX 1000 series, RTX 2000 and 3000 series from NVIDIA as well as RX 5000, 6000 and VEGA consumer cards from AMD


Quadro cards from NVIDIA and Radeon Pro cards from AMD work best as they are optimized for such workflow and even some software's like "Solidworks only works with such pro series cards"* and in SIEMENS NX consumer cards do not work well even if it is supported there is no other option but NVIDIA QUADRO, TITAN and AMD


  • Professional Game-Designing, 3D-design, Animation, VFX and Architecture suite

Upcoming Unreal engine 5 requires at least a RTX 2070 SUPER from NVIDIA and RX 6000 series cards from AMD. For faster rasterization RTX 3080, 3080 ti and 3090 are better and for using high number of assets GPU with higher vram is important RTX 3090 form consumer side is a great option or you could go for professional cards like QUADRO RTX 6000,8000 and AMD Radeon pro W6800.

It's similar for other software's architecture suites, MAYA, Unreal engine 4.2, CryEngine, Unity and similar. Older cards might work but above mentioned are better suited.

GPU options available at our store:

*Refer to Solidworks website for officially supported GPU's

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